Here Is What Analyzify Does

Analyzify is an all-in-one Shopify data-analytics app that takes care of all your data collection and tracking needs for your Shopify store. You can set Analyzify up within 8 minutes to start accumulating meaningful data through multiple channels. Our extensive and diverse experience working with Shopify merchants means we know how challenging it can be to collect and evaluate the right data that allows you to make the right decisions based on real metrics.
Analyzify makes that process quicker and easier for you.

Shopify - Google Tag Manager illustration

Shopify - Google Tag Manager Integration

Set up Google Tag Manager and all of its components to have an accurate, powerful, and flexible data foundation with a few touches.

  • Advanced data layers - for all available events and data.
  • Available for all Shopify plans - not only for Shopify Plus stores.
  • Tailored GTM container - specifically prepared for your store.
Accurate & Enhanced

Shopify - Google Analytics Integration

Unlock the full potential of Google Analytics by passing enhanced, accurate & reliable data, using the latest version GA4, fixing known problems.

  • Complete Google Analytics 4 (GA4) setup - including all e-commerce reports.
  • Better Universal Analytics (UA) - known problems fixed.
  • Data audit & validation - provided to ensure data accuracy.
Shopify - Google Analytics illustration
Shopify - Google Ads illustration

Shopify - Google Ads Integration

A premium & fully customizable Google Ads pixels for Shopify. In-depth dynamic remarketing & conversions setup with all events and precise data.

  • Accurate conversion tracking - enhanced conversions and more.
  • Dynamic remarketing setup - through GTM.
  • Remarkably larger data than all other integration methods.
We got you covered

GDPR Compliant Tracking

Not many stores are GDPR compliant, but yours should be. We offer a fully functional solution that will make your store 100% GDPR compliant in every way.

  • Compatible with cookie consent solutions.
  • GDPR audit & setup & validation service by specialists.
Shopify - GDPR illustration
Shopify - Facebook Pixel illustration

Shopify - Facebook Pixel Integration

A solid alternative to the native FB Pixel integration: Analyzify's GTM container includes all the Facebook Pixel e-commerce events.

  • Facebook Pixel tags through GTM (web).
  • Facebook Conversion API through server-side GTM (*).
  • Facebook data in Google Analytics.

How Analyzify works


Analyzify’s onboarding wizard will get the necessary information from you and guide you through the whole process with videos and FAQs.


Beginner-friendly, step-by-step, video-guided, and well-documented setup process. Our team is right next to you if you ever need a hand.

03Validation & Audit

We love double-checking. Follow our validation steps or provide access to our team and we will validate your data and setup.

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“I am pretty good with tech and feel comfortable with facebook ads and getting everything to link correctly but trying to figure out Google ads / G4 with Shopify was beyond what I could handle. Analyzify was easy to set up and Murat and the team at Analyzify were great in addressing an issue with getting my add to carts to show. Highly recommended!”

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"These guys are the real deal; we had thrown everything at our disposal for fixing our Google Analytics tracking issues with our shopify store but nothing worked. They not only fixed the GA tracking but also setup GA4. Absolutely amazing"

Avengarde Global
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"The analyzify team went beyond just installing G4 through tag manager. When I was trying to do it myself I realized that i needed to spend a lot time on figuring out what events, triggers and tags to install. If i were to do everything that analyzify did i would have had to spend days just learning how and what to do. The video that explains everything that they did and the suggestions given are the icing on the cake. Thank you!"

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"I have worked with dozens of different developers and agencies but none have been as helpful and knowledgeable as the team at Analyzify. They go over and above expectations. These guys are the real deal; Mr. Erman really took the extra miles! He is very detailed and even figured out a few issues with my Google account that I haven't been realizing! I strongly recommend Analyzify app"

Annah Hariri
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“If you are using Google Analytics it is incredibly important to be able to trust your data. Basing decisions on an account that isn't set up properly has such uncertainty and that is exactly where we were before using Analyzify. Erman and his team were able to quickly set up our account correctly and fix existing errors. I highly recommend taking the time and small fee is very reasonable and definitely worth the investment. Thank you Erman!”

Perkie Prints
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“This is a must have for every store. I'm pretty technically inclined but setting up Google Tag Manager with GA4, Google Optimize, and all other pixels is my nightmare, somehow I always screw it up. Using Analyzify has been the most seamless experience to set everything up flawlessly. The customer support aftercare is also phenomenal, they go above and beyond to make sure everything you need is working right. I will be using their services on my other store ASAP.”

Switch Research
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“Professional. Fast. Knowledgeable. Personalized service (It always feels like we are their top priority). A must-have.”

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“Outstanding App and team. Best tracking solution you can find for Shopify. Team is amazing and responsive, we are making changes in theme often and we require custom data layer and adjustment of tracking code, Analyzify team did outstanding job helping us have always up-to-date data ready.”

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“I first saw Analyzify in their how-to YouTube videos. They presented themselves very clear and easy to follow so I was encouraged to look at this app for my store. I had previous code and tags created over the years and did not want to duplicate anything. They offer a VERY reasonable price for the work they put in and saved a lot of time on my end. The work was fast, clean, works efficiently for me to read better data in GA. A trustworthy investment for you to get the most of your data!”

Athena Gaia
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"We wanted to get greater control over event tracking via GTM to improve our understanding of how customers are interacting with our store. We struggled with the frankly complicated setup until we came across Analyzify. It has been the perfect solution for our requirements and the dev team are truly outstanding. They patiently answered our queries and have been quick and efficient in resolving our support requests. Wonderful product by an even better team, highly recommend them if you wish to understand your customers better and boost your sales! "

My Scoot
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"I have been working with these guys for a few weeks now, and absolutely nothing short of amazing! The support is above and beyond anything I've received in any other app, and the product opens up so much data and information to drive the growth and success of the business, its hard to believe at first. The data is instantly relevant, and actionable. In todays marketplace with everyone moving to online, this is the edge businesses like mine need to stand out, and the Analyzify team have been with me every step of the way. Awesome, Amazing, Insightful and a probably the best value on the entire Shopify App Store. "

Cb Music Centre
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"After another app completely messed up and shopify failed to resolve we had approached Analyzify where we not only had solved the problem of the tracking but also now have much ore detailed Analytics , great app great support and after sales support. "

Kichri Store
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"Great plugin to have all the data on your Store and the various visitor behaviors! (and therefore do very powerful marketing actions) The support is fantastic, they customized everything for my store! Super recommended! "

Olio Sommariva
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"This is an analytics powerhouse of a service. Amazing people who over-deliver on everything.. Best investment we have made in understanding our stores performance."

Naturally Boosted
What Our Clients
Said About Analyzify

We are thrilled to have many happy clients. You can also check the public reviews on Shopify App Store.

One-Time Purchase - No monthly payments

Analyzify is a great deal because it doesn’t have any recurring or unexpected costs. Our price includes the app, detailed documentation & video guides, and world-class support.

One-time fee per store Install Now
What's included?
  • Complete GTM Container
  • Advanced Data Layers
  • Data Validation & Setup Audit
  • Google Analytics 4 Setup
  • Google Ads Pixels & + Enhanced
  • FB Pixel, Bing, Pinterest and more
  • 30+ built-in tags
  • Video-guides, in-depth tutorials
  • 3-months support (*)

Shopify’s native reports will not be enough for you to run and optimize professional marketing campaigns as they provide you only with a simple report interface covering the most basic data.

Furthermore, its native integration doesn’t support Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many other related parties.

That’s why you need an advanced tracking & reporting setup to maximize your ROI.

Analyzify is designed to be a beginner-friendly tool. Therefore, it provides you with a video-guided, well-explained onboarding & setup process.

Still, keep in mind that we are more than happy to give you a hand if you ever need our help with the setup. You will just need to give access to our team for your store and Google properties, and we will complete your GTM, GA4, and Analyzify setup at no extra cost.

Definitely, yes! Our tool is totally beginner-friendly and we have detailed video guides for you regarding each step. Our support team is also more than happy to jump in and execute the needed steps on behalf of you if you run into any trouble.

Analyzify will deliver a pre-built Google Tag Manager container with your information and tracking IDs inserted in it. What you will only need to do is to import that GTM container into your Google Tag Manager account, and publish the changes. It is approximately a 15-minute process, and you’ll be presented with detailed video tutorials for each step.

We have been working in the data analytics field for more than 5 years. We have developed Analyzify to help Shopify clients with their data problems.

Analyzify has been a favorite solution of more than 900 stores now, and the number is rapidly growing. As it can be seen in our client reviews, all of our clients are pleased with what they get, and we are always happy to take the necessary actions unless there are case-specific problems.

It’s a fact that data can never be 100% accurate due to many technical reasons. However, you should also note that your data must be consistent for at least 90% of the time.

We assure you that we will take action in case the results are not accurate, and bring the data to the best possible state. We are happy to take a manual approach as well, for we care deeply about our customers.

Analyzify is perfectly compatible with non-Shopify Plus stores. Purchase tracking and other user behavior metrics & reports are incredibly crucial for any store, and you will still have a majority of the events/reports with a regular plan.

The only limitation for regular Shopify stores is that they are NOT allowed to edit the checkout process. So, Google Tag Manager and all the other tracking codes will still work on every page, including the order processed page (aka. "thank you" page), but the checkout steps won’t be included.

We have interactive troubleshooting guides to help you detect and fix any possible issues.

We strongly recommend that you read our "Shopify - Google Ads Playbook" if you wish to have a great understanding of the topic. You can be sure that there won't be any mess if you use the official Google App for remarketing events and Analyzify for conversion tracking.

Our support team is also always ready to help if you have trouble solving your issues.

We aimed to create this free tool to record sales & revenue data to help your marketing ROI and receive more quality GA4 e-commerce reporting.

It is normal for the product and other details in your reports to be missing because the "Purchase" event only sends the purchase data. The complete GA4 e-commerce setup requires a more complex structure and preferably through Google Tag Manager (GTM).

If you are familiar with the code, you can try adding other details into your "Purchase" event code as well. However, it will require some testing, since there is no easy solution that works in all stores as mentioned previously in our tutorial.

Alternatively, you can purchase our app, and it will give you all the e-commerce reports in-depth in addition to many other user-based reports. The data will pass through Google Tag Manager (GTM), so you will have the opportunity to use it in other channels (Ads, Facebook Pixel, etc.) as well.

Our team is here to help you with the setup. We also offer* a complimentary 1 hour individual GA4 & GTM training with our experts.

Analyzify tracks many events & actions that Shopify's native integrations do not, such as product list visits, product list / category clicks, etc. Moreover, as Google announced that Universal Analytics will be completely replaced with Google Analytics 4 in July 2023, Analyzify includes data layers, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4, and many other integrations that the native Shopify simply doesn’t offer.

Analyzify also provides you with a well-designed data layer, which means you could extend your 3rd party implementations with other marketing partners easily. Analyzify offers you direct support to configure your GA account to get the best out of the data layers like content grouping, custom dimensions, goal setup, etc. Last but not least, Analyzify comes with a detailed Google Data Studio report through which you can see all the important reports in detail.

Your historical data won't be affected. Analyzify doesn't require to create new Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Tag Manager accounts.

It works on your existing properties. It just changes the way that data flows into these accounts.

You can learn more about our process through this link.