About us

About Analyzify

We have been working with Shopify clients for a long time in data projects. Our clients’ needs inspired us to build the Analyzify Shopify App.

Analyzify is created by Solverhood partnering with two other great companies.You can get more information about Solverhood - using the following links:

Visit Solverhood’s Website
Solverhood on Upwork
Solverhood as a Google Partner

We are also happy to introduce you to the great team that built Analyzify.

Who We Are

Erman Küplü
Erman Küplü
Co-Creator, Product Owner,
Co-founder of Solverhood
Yiğit Yazgı
Yiğit Yazgı
Co-Creator, Data Strategist,
Co-founder of Digitailor
Alex Borodin
Alex Borodin
Technical Development Solution
Partner, Co-founder of VT Labs