Shopify’s native reports will not be enough to run and optimize professional marketing campaigns. Shopify provides you a simple report interface with the most basic data. You need an advanced tracking & reporting setup to maximize your ROI.

Analyzify tracks too many events/actions that Shopify native integrations will not do such as product list visits, product list/category clicks, etc.and it comes with the new version of Google Analytics, GA4 along with the current setup -which is not supported in the native integration. Analyzify also provides you a well-designed dataLayer which means you could extend your 3rd party implementations with other marketing partners with ease. Analyzify offers you a direct support to configure your GA account to get the best from Analyzify like content grouping, custom dimensions, goal setup, etc. Last but not least, Analyzify comes with a detailed Google Data Studio report where you can see all the important reports in detail.

Analyzify will provide you a pre-built Google Tag Manager Container with your information and tracking IDs inserted in it. What you will only need to do is importing that into your Google Tag Manager account and publishing the changes. It is a 5 minutes process. You can watch our video tutorial.

Definitely yes. Our team will complete your GTM & GA4 & Analyzify setup at no extra cost. You will just need to provide access to our team.

We have been working in the data analytics field for more than 5 years and we built Analyzify because we helped many Shopify clients with their data problems.

Analyzify works great over 30 stores now and rapidly growing. All of our clients are very happy as seen in our client reviews. We are happy to take necessary actions unless there are case-specific problems. Data can never be 100% accurate for many technical reasons. However, it should be over 95% consistent.

We assure you we will take action in case the results are not accurate and bring the data to the best possible point. We are happy to do a manual approach as well. We care about our customers.

Last but not least, we offer a full refund guarantee. You can send your questions directly to us in case you have any.

Analyzify is perfectly compatible with non-Shopify Plus stores as well. Purchase tracking and other user behavior metrics/reports are so crucial and you will still have a majority of the events/reports. The only limitation that regular Shopify stores have is NOT being allowed to edit the checkout process. Google Tag Manager and all other tracking codes will still WORK on every page + order processed (thank you page) but the checkout steps won’t be included.

We aimed to create this free tool to record sales & revenue data to help your marketing ROI and receive better GA4 E-commerce reporting.

It is normal the product and other details in your reports are missing because the Purchase Event is only sending the purchase data. The complete GA4 e-commerce setup requires a more complex structure and preferably through Google Tag Manager (GTM).

If you are familiar with the code, you can try adding other details into your Purchase Event code as well. It will require some testing as there is no easy solution to work in all stores, as mentioned in our tutorial.

Alternatively, you can purchase our app, and it will give you all e-commerce reports in-depth and many other user-based reports. The data will pass through Google Tag Manager (GTM), so you will have the opportunity to use it in other channels (Ads, Facebook Pixel, etc.) as well.

Our team will help you with the setup. We also have an offer* of complimentary 1 hour individual GA4 & GTM training with our expert.

If you prepare emails, we respect that!

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