Google Ads Conversion Tracking for Shopify

Truth be told, it is almost completely pointless to run ads if the conversions are not being properly tracked. Without a steady conversion tracking setup, you cannot optimize your ad campaigns, nor spendings, rendering the entire endeavour useless.

You need to set up conversion tracking in your Shopify store so that:

  • You know which campaigns, ad groups, keywords, product ads, display ads are working best. With this information, you can invest your marketing dollars into the correct place.
  • You understand what doesn’t work for your store. You will see which keywords & locations & ad creatives & copies are not bringing sales – or spending much more than you invest.
  • Google Ads algorithm and AI also optimizes your ads with this data. This is incredibly important to understand — Google also wants you to sell more products so that you invest more in Google — you simply need to give better data to make the partnership more powerful.

Wrong Conversion Data

It is not only the setup itself but the correct setup that really matters. Over the years, we frequently hear from our clients that their conversion tracking is active, but counting the conversions wrongly. For example, Google Ads shows 10 sales and $1000 revenue when there are actually 12 sales and $500 revenue. There is no need to discuss these disastrous implications.

Wrong data is even worse than no data as it will mislead your optimization efforts and also Google Ads AI. This is almost always due to a poor set-up — an easy and incredibly costly mistake that has the potential to ruin your business.

How to Track Google Ads Conversions for Shopify

Without question, the best possible way is to use modern dataLayers and Google Tag Manager. In this way, there will be many checkpoints to make sure the data is 100% accurate. Analyzify does this for you within minutes of launching. You simply need to create Google Ads Conversions in your account and then provide it to your Analyzify app. Of course, we will make sure to include all of these details in your GTM setup and send the data to Google Ads.