Google Tag Manager for Shopify

Google Tag Manager (also known as GTM) is an incredibly powerful tool- especially for Shopify stores where each piece of data matters greatly. It is not a quick process to set up Google Tag Manager in Shopify; however, we will walk you through several options on how to achieve this.

Before we start, here is a quick glance on why GTM is so important. Above all else, GTM allows you to access, organize, and process all of your data in the most efficient way possible. Instead of trying to send the data to different sources, (such as Analytics, Ads, Facebook Pixel) GTM stores the data within dataLayers, allowing you to process and share the data with any tool you wish, all within minutes.

Option 1- Manually Setup GTM on Shopify

Shopify already has a great tutorial on this topic. You can also follow the steps below using the help of GIF files.

Step 1: We need your GTM container code. Create a Google Tag Manager if you don’t have one and get your GTM Container code. Watch the Youtube tutorial below in case you need help with this.

Step 2: Go to your Shopify Admin > Online Store (left menu) > Themes > Your Theme > Edit Code – And paste the GTM code right below thesection.

Step 3: Go to your Shopify Admin > Settings (left menu) > Themes > Your Theme > Edit Code > Order Processing > Additional Scripts – And paste the GTM code there as well

Step 4: Let’s double check if the GTM container is installed safely in your Shopify store. Go to your Google Tag Manager account > Preview (on the left-top corner) > Enter your URL and move on As a positive result, GTM Preview Tool should get active and be showing your tags. Everything should be set and Google Tag Manager should be working in your store. However, this only allows you to activate the GTM in your store. You will still need to configure all the GTM settings and tags by yourself. If you only wish to add simple tags, this will be enough. If you need more in-depth tracking, please see options 2 & 3.

Option 2- Use Analyzify App

Simply installing the GTM container will not do much good. You will also need to have a complex setup within Shopify and GTM in order to have great reporting — this is where our brilliant solution, Analyzify, comes in. Analyzify is an app, built as the answer to create data analytics for shopify.

Analyzify will set up your Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics by injecting advanced dataLayers code into your Shopify store. It will already come with built-in metrics and complex dataLayers for GA4 and Universal Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce. With Analyzify, we can safely say there is no better tool for creating reports in Shopify.

While other solutions can cost up to thousands of dollars (not to mention the amount of time & energy spent installing), Analyzify costs $99 with an average set-up time of 8 minutes. In addition, our team provides unparalleled customer service and support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only will Analyzify set up GTM for your store, but it will also provide advanced and precious metrics such as: User ID, User Recency, User Frequency, User Monetary, User, and many more. Do note that these are all automatically collected and reported with Analzify, without lifting a finger.

Option 3-Other Google Tag Manager Shopify App

There are other Shopify Apps for Google Tag Manager. Make sure to check those out before making your decision. As of today, Analyzify is the most cost-effective and efficient option. Make sure to check out Elevar, Littledata and Easytag.