Best Shopify Google Tag Manager Apps

Shopify Google Tag Manager Apps are crucial to develop a robust, accurate, and in-depth reporting, measuring, and data-processing structure for your store. Google Tag Manager (GTM) helps you in collecting data and managing the marketing/tracking tags. You can learn more about why GTM is great for your Shopify store through this article. Now, let’s focus on the Shopify GTM apps.

Why You Need a Shopify Google Tag Manager App

You have the option to set up data analytics for your Shopify store the way you want. We have prepared a whole course on Shopify - Google Tag Manager. However, your capabilities will stay limited if you don’t use a Shopify app for GTM. What can a GTM app do?

  • Installs GTM container in your store
  • Sets up advanced dataLayers in your store
  • Sets up ProductImpression, ProductClick, AddToCart, RemoveFromCart, Checkout, Purchase, and many other events using dataLayers
  • Includes relevant data to each event (e.g. - the name and ID of the product that was added to the cart)
  • Creates a Google Tag Manager container for your Shopify store
  • Inserts important custom events and custom variables in your GTM account
  • Sends your data to the related third parties such as:
    • Google Ads conversion tracking,
    • Google Ads Remarketing setup,
    • Facebook Pixel Purchase, Page View, AddtoCart and relevant events,
    • Google Analytics 4 and e-commerce tracking,
    • Universal Analytics,
    • Klaviyo, Hotjar, Tiktok and many other related parties.

Some of the Shopify GTM apps are very useful and help you setup your Google Tag Manager. We have reviewed the top 5 Shopify Google Tag Manager apps you can try.

Top 5 Shopify GTM Apps

We have listed down the top 5 Shopify GTM apps. There’s no surprise that our recommendation will be Analyzify, a complete solution for Shopify Data Analytics. Our world-class data-analytics and development team have created an exceptional solution and we also provide extraordinary support and free custom setup.

#1: Analyzify

Our favourite Shopify - Google Tag Manager app - not only because we have created it.

Analyzify is an all-in-one Shopify data-analytics app that takes care of all of your data collection and tracking needs for your Shopify store. You can set up the app within 8 minutes to start accumulating meaningful data through multiple channels. Our extensive and diverse experience working with Shopify means we know how challenging it can be to collect and evaluate the right data that allows you to make the right decisions based on real metrics. Analyzify makes that process quicker and easier for you.

Highlights from Shopify Reviews:

  • "Outstanding products that provided meaningful data."
  • "Extraordinary support"
  • "Amazing, Insightful, and probably the best value on the entire Shopify App Store."
View Analyzify GTM App on Shopify App Store

Price: $749 onetime payment

2: Elevar Tag Management Suite

Elevar was one of the first data analytics apps in the market and has been serving Shopify clients for many years. We shouldn’t comment on our competitor’s product but only share the content in the Why “Why Choose Elevar” section.

"Our experts have helped Shopify stores in virtually every industry properly implement Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and common marketing tags like Google AdWords, Facebook, and more. We can help you too!"

Highlights from Elevar’s Shopify Reviews:

  • "Have used on 2 of my stores so far and will be using again"
  • "Brilliant APP and team."
  • "I use this extension for many of our Shopify and it works perfectly!"

Price Options: $150/month, $350/month, and $750/month depending on the features you need

View Elevar on Shopify App Store
#3: Littledata

Another inspiring app when it comes to data analytics solutions for Shopify with Google Tag Manager. Littledata is especially known for its subscription integrations. Here is how they define themselves:

"Littledata automatically fixes tracking for Shopify stores, offering complete marketing attribution, accurate sales data, and custom dimensions for lifetime value reporting (LTV) in Google Analytics. Built for Shopify, optimized for Shopify Plus."

Highlights from LittleData’s Shopify Reviews:

  • "Allows us a much broader GA integration"
  • "The app is super easy to configure."
  • "Fixing my Google Analytics datafeed with this app"

Price Options: $129/month or $499/month depending on the features you need

View Littledata on Shopify App Store
#4: Easy Tag

Easy Tag is another respected competitor with a good record of reviews. Let’s hear it from the Easy Tag team:

"Easy Tag app makes implementing Google Tag Manager simple, fast, and accurate. Marketers love Easy Tag as it ensures the data is gathered and reported correctly, taking the guesswork out of marketing."

Highlights from EasyTag’s Shopify Reviews:

  • "Absolutely LOVE this app. The Tag installation was as easy"
  • "You get a very good app and a great support."
  • "Works like a charm and the support is great"

Price: $149 / one-time fee

View Easy Tag on Shopify App Store
#5: Google Tag Manager App

It can take weeks to get store code updated or changes made to your tracking but with Google Tag Manager, there’s no need to wait that long.

Highlights from Shopify Reviews:

  • Rob's rapid response and amazing support truly make this one of the best app experiences I have had on Shopify.
  • Rob helped me one-on-one and fixed every issue on my Shopify!
  • Really great app. Super-efficient install and really helpful support.

Price: $29/month or $39/month depending on the features you need

View on Shopify App Store

Final Words on Shopify - GTM Apps

We believe this is an underestimated and underutilized category for Shopify stores. Every store needs a stable and accurate data set up and it is not easy to do it by yourself. Make sure to choose an app that delivers the perfect combination of dataLayer, GTM setup, and also great customer support.