Shopify – Google Tag Manager Course

Today(14 March 2021) has been a fascinating day for us. We launched Analyzify on ProductHunt! We are thrilled to receive such strong support from the community and reactions to our product.

Analyzify - Google tag manager and analytics app for your Shopify store | Product Hunt

We have also been working on a Shopify - Google Tag Manager course, a free Youtube video series solely focused on Shopify data-Analytics. We will provide a series of tutorials for Shopify stores that want to empower their analytics setup. The curriculum:

  • Intro to Google Tag Manager (GTM)
  • Why Google Tag Manager for Shopify Stores
  • Google Tag Manager Essentials (Tags, Triggers, Variables)
  • Google Analytics 4, Facebook Pixel, and Universal Analytics Setup through GTM
  • Checkout dataLayer Setup on Shopify
  • Set up Google Ads and Facebook Pixel Conversion Tracking
  • Debug & Validation through Google Tag Manager for Shopify stores

We are pleased to present this video course at no extra cost through our Youtube channel.