Best E-commerce Product Page Examples

Sep 26, 2022 6 min read
A detailed look at how you can improve your product page with the best examples.
Best E-commerce Product Page Examples

According to Statista, only 2.42% of e-commerce sites are capable of helping convert visits into purchases.

That demonstrates the striking number of e-commerce merchants that underestimate the importance of their product pages.

There are many elements and components of a well-designed product page but it’s simply impossible for a product to impress people with a poor & complicated page structure. So, it would be wise to comment that your product page can act as a landing page in function as it might skyrocket both your site traffic and your conversion rates.

Therefore, you should spend as much time building your product pages as creating your products so you can turn them into one of your most significant assets.

Here is a detailed look at how you can do it.

What is a product page?

Simply put, a product page is designed to describe & promote a specific product or service on a website. A well-built product page provides details to let users know everything about what is offered with an intention to convert the user actions into purchases.

As product pages are created with the intention of converting user actions into purchases, we may see them in a variety of forms, layouts, and designs. Some brands and companies keep their product pages highly detailed & graphically rich while a big portion of them opt for minimalistic & plain designs targeting more direct impact on conversions.

Why should you have a quality product page?

Product pages are considered one of the most crucial conversion points on any e-commerce website. As you can tell by the stat shared in the opening lines of the article, it has recently become such a difficult job for merchants to come up with product pages that count.

There might be a bunch of talking points behind that as well, however, the lack of quality in product pages stands out as one of the biggest reasons why some merchants struggle to turn user actions into purchases. This might cause a great deal of loss & decrease in expected sales, too.

You should keep in mind that people have a tendency to associate impressive design with trust, which is quite reasonable considering some product page masterpieces created by the most important brands or companies in the world.  

Yet, it is not all about how those pages look. Although the design is undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of a quality product page, there is a set of other elements necessary to help you improve your conversion rates and level things up.

How to create the perfect product page?

First of all, you should note that your top priority should be creating easy-to-access product pages which make life easier for your visitors/users.

Also, once you implement well-organized pages that help your visitors view the products and find answers to their potential questions easily, you can automatically increase your revenues without having to increase your current marketing performance dramatically.

Basically, when creating a good product page, you should make sure to include

  • A well-structured description of your product
  • How your product works & how much it costs
  • Features of your product with a clear CTA and customization options
  • Social proof including reviews
  • Gallery or product photos/videos

Let’s deep dive into the most important elements of a product page which can help yours stand out.

Product Description

Nobody can deny the fact that visuals generally steal the show when turning visitors into potential buyers. However, displaying a wide range of well-crafted information on your product using a convincing language increases the potential for making sales.

Additionally, creating a product description full of necessary information on what it offers and how it works helps you get better results in search engine rankings, which means that you get a better chance of being discovered by more visitors. You can benefit from Google to search for your keyword and optimize your pages accordingly. Also, you should keep it short and use bullet points to provide information in an easy-to-read way.

Product Features and CTA

Providing an insightful look at the features of your products has a massive impact on the overall quality of your website. You should highlight the important and better sides of your product by using a direct & plain copy so that your visitors spend less time trying to get how your products can actually make a difference.

Customization options can be just another toolset you can benefit from in order to let users have a more realistic view & experience of your products. Providing quality images and easy-to-use buttons here helps your users navigate through different versions of your product effortlessly, which also improves the general user experience.

Furthermore, CTAs are what encourage your users/visitors to take action, which can potentially turn into conversions at the end of their journey on your website. That’s why it becomes extremely crucial for you to design CTAs that level up the user experience. As the language used in your CTA might change depending on your business, it is always a good idea to take advantage of power words to give clear messages with easily-visible buttons.

Product Reviews

Reviews are another essential part of your page as more than 80% of consumers rely on reviews when they decide on making a purchase. As the reviews can shed light on a different perspective on the way a product looks, feels, and functions, they help you build trust among your customers.

Best e-commerce product page examples

1. Barner

A product page created by Barner
An all-inclusive product page example by Barner

Barner presents a great example of a product page that covers pretty much everything mentioned earlier. We can clearly see that all the details about the product features are made clear along with a variety of customization options. Also, they state their additional services to provide answers to all the potential questions of their customers which can come up prior to making a purchase.

2. Garmin

Garmin's product page
A powerful product page example by Garmin

Garmin lets visitors see all about their product with a detailed comparison on color and size options, which is one of the most important points when purchasing a watch. Their product page helps you make the best decision allowing you to know exactly what you get.

3. Trello

Trello showcases a perfect example including a great CTA
A great CTA example by Trello

Trello demonstrates one of the key components of a well-structured product page, CTA, in its own way: minimalism. The features and functionality presented in the copy encourage visitors to see more of what is offered while including you can sign up for free in the CTA makes it a perfect example.

4. Lattice

Social proof is key to Lattice's product page
A remarkable example of social proof on Lattice's page

Lattice showcases another powerful element of a quality product page: social proof. Their page lets you see all the clients and organizations they work with in addition to their focus on individual customer tales. This helps to build trust among people and demonstrates a well-crafted & influential page.  

5. Annova

Annova creates a product page including their features
An impressive page including all important elements by Annova

Anova introduces a product page that makes everything about the product crystal clear, allowing visitors to see exactly what they are about to buy. Powered by an impressive product image, the whole page presents everything essential, such as reviews and pricing, and positions information perfectly well.

Final Words

Your product page offers you a great opportunity to impress & influence your visitors when they are about to decide on whether they want to buy the featured product. By applying the best practices shown above, you can boost your conversion rates and the traffic to your website which can be instrumental in improving your sales.

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