Premium Workshop: Google Ads Performance Audit

Sep 1, 2021 2 min read
Premium Workshop: Google Ads Performance Audit
Performance Audit for Google Ads

We will dive into a Google Ads account and learn how to evaluate good & bad campaigns/ad groups.

Premium video content for Analyzify clients. We will dive into a Google Ads account and learn how to evaluate good & bad campaigns/ad groups.

I have always been surprised to see how great stores have poor Google Ads setups.
As the store already performs quite well, the real performance of the Google Ads account is not even visible.

Oftentimes, I hear from the merchants that they have a "great Google Ads ROI" - and then I sadly show them in the reports that most sales actually come from branded keywords and their account didn't even follow the Google Ads 101 principles. And they are nowhere close to having an optimized or successful Google Ads account.  

Almost every time, I see at least five crucial mistakes already in the first few minutes of the analysis.

Empowering entrepreneurs is in the DNA of our company as it can be seen in Solverhood's mission. Analyzify Workshop series will teach you a lot but more importantly will help you understand your problems and give you a hand to fix them.

In this workshop, you will log in to your Ads account and I will walk you through the most essential settings, potential problems and provide solutions! We will make sure to check your:

  • Google Ads attribution & conversion settings,
  • Google Ads & Analytics connections,
  • Remarketing & Feed settings,
  • Campaign & Ad group structure and best practices,
  • Keywords & Search terms reports,
  • Shopping & Search Campaigns KPIs,
  • and many others...

We will provide these premium workshops for Analyzify clients on regular basis.

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