Best Shopify Facebook Pixel Apps

Google Analytics apps are in high demand on the Shopify app store because GA is still the greatest reporting software on the market, and it gets better every year.

As a Shopify Merchant you would want to use Analytics apps to:

Here are the top GA Apps from the Shopify app store:

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Pixel Conversions Api Facebook

by Jdhl Technologies
4.4 Rating - 67 reviews
5$ / Month
Pixel Conversions Api Facebook

Pixel Conversions API Facebook offers a pixel experience that allows you to build targeted campaigns and acquire relevant data. It emphasizes free upgrades and a low price-point, in addition to high-quality customer support.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Facebook Conversions APIFacebook Conversions API will take your event tracking to the highest accuracy possible. We have it fully integrated into our app

Purchase PixelOption for the Purchase Event to Include Taxes & Shipping (Yes or No) This is great for Free plus Shipping type offers. Very Powerful

Tracking by CollectionsYou can track 4 Main Pixels and 12 Collection Pixels. This allows you to break out your pixel ID's by niche. This is extremely Powerful

"Great app, works perfectly easy to install and it is very valuable for knowing what ads gives you ROI."

"Fantastic app! The process to add Facebook pixel using the Shopify dashboard leaves out some extremely vital information for your pixel. Pixel Conversion Pro has really stepped up the game and made it so that you can track every aspect of your Pixel. "

"Not sure if it is this app (maybe it is) but my ROI increased drastically after installing this. Before, I was tracking my pixel via default shopify method by inputting pixel code in preferences."

"The app caused multiple errors in the Purchase events. Request for support was ignored. Zero customer service."

"Was working fine until I bought a paid theme. Started to cause problems with events No add to cart, view content, purchase event firing. Uninstalled the app."

"I wanted to try it out because it had good reviews! Its not good, app doesnt work properly and blames the problem on my store. Pixel fire is off!!!"

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Fbtrack - Facebook Pixels App

by Optiapps
4.8 Rating - 141 reviews
8$ / Month
Fbtrack - Facebook Pixels App

FBTrack is a Facebook Pixel manager app that allows you to install and associate both multiple and backup pixels, while emphasizing being "low-cost and effortless".

Here is how they summarize their services:

Multiple Facebook PixelsInstall multiple Facebook Pixels as backup, and Collection Facebook Pixels with few clicks.

Top-notch reportingSuper fast, and accurate reporting. Track all pixel events with optimal precision, and report shipping costs for purchases.

Collection PixelsWith Collection Pixels, let Facebook optimize your campaigns more efficiently for maximum profit, and segment your data in a better way.

"I can create pixels in Facebook my and assign them to the shopify collection inside this app. It allows us to make use of multi plixels. This app is awesome!"

"I love the collection pixels feature. I can have a pixel for each niche in my store, and target them separately. Better than having a pixel for all niches imo"

"System is very easy. Not complicated at all to use. Great app to track all your audiences. When you need assistance, the customer support is responsive enough to help you. Overall, it is a very good app."

"I tried to delete it and asked support to delete all the code. Been waiting for ages and no support. Once you leave, they can't be bothered to give you any support. I have to go report this app to Shopify. Avoid this app. It's messing with my theme code."

"The app is no more working as promised and we have lost a lot of money because of it. Highly disappointed with the experience. Rating it singlet star after 3-4 months of happy usage. The app has gone wrong since last month."

"Many bugs (many pixels intalled and cannot remove them). Support does not exist anymore. Too bad it used to be a good app"

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Winads : Facebook Pixels

by Era Of Ecom
4.8 Rating - 113 reviews
Starts At 20$ / Month
Winads : Facebook Pixels

WinAds presents itself as an "All-in-One Pixel App" that helps you to integrate and manage multiple Facebook Pixels, with added features like Google Analytics Tracking, Facebook Audience Manager, event builder, and many more.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Hyper Pixel EventsCapture Hyper Events Like: PageScroll, Time Spent, Showed Interest, Customer Tagging, High Spender, Abandon Cart, Still Thinking, Prospect

Awesome FeaturesAdvanced Matching Capabilities, Multiple Facebook Pixels, 1 Click Catalog Manager + Audience Manager, Advanced Facebook & Google Analytics

Your Success Is On UsFREE Setup, FREE strategy sessions, FREE optimization every 14 days.

"Have been using the app for almost a month now. Easy to set up, easy to use and very intuitive. Tracks my FB ads efficiently!"

"It saved a lot of my time when it comes to building audiences. The analytics dashboard is really useful and it helps me making informed decisions. This app is a must have for every shopify store if you are planning to do Facebook marketing."

"Honestly, if you want to get SERIOUS about your FB ads overall, with rich data-driven tools and insights, Winads is HANDS-DOWN the only app out there that really delivers results. Definitely recommend giving it a shot to see for yourself."

"The app is not tracking the InitiateCheckout and Purchase events. I am waiting for a solution for three days. A lot of money lost ..."

"Support was really bad and they don't have a guide to learn the software. I don't see the value of WinAds."

"Not sure why this app is rated so high (shills?) I gave it a try and the pixel data is inaccurate. I have two pixels (exactly the same) and they have different data. What's the point of adding another unknown variable to your pixel cleanliness?"

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Trackify X Facebook Pixel

by Redretarget
4.8 Rating - 549 reviews
Starts At 30$ / Month
Trackify X Facebook Pixel

Trackify is a Facebook Pixel tracking app which offers added events, parameters, and control. It has a server-side API and claims accurate data reporting, in addition with the ability to integrate with other apps.

Here is how they summarize their services:

Track Multiple Facebook PixelsFacebook pixel events for master, niche & collection pixels. Never miss a sale with the new server-side API purchase & non purchase events!

Facebook Pixel & Feed ReportsDetailed analytics by pixels, tags, collections, products, devices and even UTM-tags. Get KPI and hidden Facebook attribution reports here!

Catalog and Audience Manager!Grow sales by creating high-converting remarketing campaigns. Create and manage active audiences and catalog feeds for hyper-performing ads.

"So far I enjoy using this app to see data that FB manager doesnt collect or show. Allows me to see what type of action my ads are really getting. "

"It really improved my tracking of Facebook ads. It also lets you create custom audiences and lookalike audiences."

"I used this app to have better tracking past ios.14, and it has helped a lot. The customer service is excellent, and always pleased to help. I would recommend it to anyone that wants an affordable solution to pixel tracking. 10/10, thank you!"

"-It only tracks 90% of "View Content" (it misses around 10%). -It does not track "Add to Cart" events 0%. -It does not track "Sales" events 0%. -Customer support is nonexistent, only answered me once. "

The app seems to work at first , but i'm having issues with my pixel after installed, and the support is not even answering my questions , I did send messages days ago , and did not hear from them."

"Extremely buggy app. Works one minute then not the next."