Shopify GA4 Kit

Shopify GA4 Kit

Our team has prepared an open-source solution that allows Shopify merchants to set up GA4 using Google Tag Manager without using a paid app. We call it: the Shopify GA4 Kit.

Easy Integration

Looking for an easy Shopify - GA4 Integration method? We're happy to offer a solution that is both open-source and free for the Shopify ecosystem: the Shopify GA4 Kit.

Do-It-Yourself - Google Analytics 4 & GTM Setup

Do you like playing around with data tools? We provide you everything you need in a beginner-friendly process: a Google Tag Manager container, data layers, code blocks, and in-depth tutorials.

GA4 E-commerce reports for Shopify

We know you've been looking for this: Both product-level and order-level data are included on the Shopify GA4 Kit's data layers and GTM container.

Google Analytics 4

A seamless GA4 setup for your Shopify store - guided by tutorials.

GA4 E-commerce Reports

All the major e-commerce events & metrics, including both product-level and order-level data.

Google Tag Manager

A proper GTM setup for your Shopify store.

Data layers

Data layers for product view and purchase events.

Complete Tutorials

Easy Do-It-Yourself process with beginner-friendly tutorials & videos.

GA4 Enhancements

Exceeding features that go beyond the standard GA4.

How does the Shopify GA4 Kit work?

We have prepared a list of assets for you so that you can set up GA4 on your Shopify store by yourself, without using an app or hiring a professional.

We have also made sure to provide you with step-by-step tutorials and video guides on each step.

We should kindly remind you that this is a Do-It-Yourself process , so you will need to get involved with codes. It will mostly be copy-pasting, uploading the assets we provide, and doing the adjustments. As a rough summary, you will be

  • Creating GTM & GA4 accounts if you don't have any,
  • Setting up GTM,
  • Adding data layers (product + purchase),
  • Downloading the Shopify GA4 Kit's GTM container,
  • Importing the GTM container into your GTM account,
  • Chaning the GA4 measurement ID on the GTM container,
  • Activating e-commerce reports on GA4,
  • Validating the whole setup.

The Shopify GA4 kit will provide you with a GTM & GA4 setup that is decked out with many important reports and capabilities. If you are looking for more data or don't want to deal with technical elements, check out our Shopify App: Analyzify.

Kit Part 1: Data Layers

Open-source data layers for Shopify merchants - created by true experts.

No secrets, no external files, and no behind-the-door actions.

You can get access to the data layers through the following links. We keep the elements in their own pages so that we can maintain them with ease.

Kit Part 1.1: Shopify "Purchase" Data Layer:
Click here to access the latest version of this data layer.

Kit Part 1.2: Shopify "Product View" Data layer:
Click here to access the latest version of this data layer.

Do not follow the tutorials that are given on the data layer pages. The tutorials for the Shopify GA4 Kit have a different flow, and can be accessed through here.

Shopify "Purchase" Data Layer

Analyzify's open source purchase data layer passes the order data into GTM and makes it available to use for all tags. On the Shopify GA4 kit, we use it to run GA4's e-commerce purchase events. The same data layer and variables can be used in all sorts of purchase conversion events, such as: Google Ads, Facebook Pixel, or Bing Ads Conversion.

The purchase data layer includes the following elements:

Order-level Purchased Product-level
CurrencyProduct name
Total valueProduct price
Shipping pricePurchase quantity
Tax value
Transaction ID
Payment Type

Shopify "Product" Data Layer

This data layer can be used for product view events. On our tutorials, you will see that we set GA4's view item event to make the e-commerce product reports available.

The product data layer includes the following elements:

Product view data layer
Product nameProduct brand
Product priceProduct category
Product IDPurchase quantity

Kit Part 2: A Pre-built GTM Container for GA4

Get the GTM container into your email be ready to plug in. Make sure to follow the tutorials once you download the file. The GTM container includes tags, variables, and triggers for your setup. You can also re-use them for other tags in the future.

We respect your data and your choices. We will never send a single email without your permission.

Version Upgrade: We have released an important update to Shopify GA4 Kit. You can now download the v2.1. Visit our related Github page for the change history.

You can see the detailed breakdown of the GTM container below.

GA4.01 - All PagesTagGoogle Analytics 4 global configuration tag. It also functions as the "Page View" tag.
GA4.02 - Event - View ItemTagE-commerce event for product page views. It sends the product-level data into GA4 and allows product-level reports to function.
GA4.03 - Event - PurchaseTagCore of all e-commerce reports. It sends order-level and product-level data into GA4 and helps with the attribution.
cEvent - analyzify_productDetailTriggercEvent refers to Custom Event. This custom triggers works on the product detail pages.
cEvent - analyzify_purchaseTriggerPurchase event trigger works on the order completed (aka. "thank you") pages.
GA4 Measurement ID (G-)VariableYour GA4 configuration ID. You need to update this ID once you import the GTM container.
dlv-brandVariableData layer variable for the product brand.
dlv-currencyVariableCurrency of the order.
dlv-productIdVariableProduct's ID.
dlv-productNameVariableProduct's name.
dlv-productPriceVariableProduct's price.
dlv-productQuantityVariableProduct's quantity.
dlv-shippingVariableShipping price value of the order.
dlv-taxVariableTax value of the order.
dlv-totalValueVariableTotal value of the order.
dlv-transaction_idVariableTransaction ID of the order.

Kit Part 3: Step-by-Step Tutorials

We had to involve a few different tutorials as this is a multi-step process which involves many assets. We have created different options so that you can choose whichever you like!

Master Tutorial: Shopify GA4 Setup page
Setting up Shopify GA4 Kit involves 10 main steps. We have added videos and detailed information on each step.
Follow the steps on the related page

Shopify GA4 Kit - Complete Tutorial
Complete tutorial on Youtube

Learn how you can implement the Shopify GA4 Kit on our in-depth, complete, step-by-step tutorial on Youtube.

We will soon be adding PDF tutorials and Notion versions as well.

Upgrading from v2.0 to v2.1?

Don't worry! Everything is set and ready. You need to request the updated Google Tag Manager container using the form below and then you can continue with the upgrade tutorial: Shopify GA4 Kit Part 3 - Upgrade from v2.0 to v2.1

Having issues? Please let us know through Youtube comments or Github issues.