Analyzify’s conversion tracking works through Google Tag Manager and pushes all available data into Google Ads.

GTM renders the conversion tracking (and all other tags) better than other methods so your Google Ads account starts counting the conversions right away more accurately.

Attached to the conversion event, we also push:

  • Product level sales data,
  • New customer data and customer’s lifetime value,
  • User data for enhanced conversions.

We also help you:

  • Connect Google Analytics 4 with Google Ads and add GA4 Purchase as a secondary conversion event,
  • Choose the best possible attribution method,
  • Secure a conversion tracking audit & validation.

The official Google app usually works well for dynamic remarketing events (Global Site Tag). However, there are many cases in which it fails to function properly or simply further adjustments are required.

That’s why we have included a full setup for dynamic remarketing on our Google Tag Manager container. Our dynamic remarketing events cover:

  • Product Listing (Collection Page)
  • Product Detail (View - Product Page)
  • AddToCart, Checkout, Purchase

Including all product-level data.

It's a feature that allows you to share more data about your conversions with Google Ads so that conversion tracking produces great results.

Simply put, your client’s data (name, email, address, phone number) is shared with Google along with the conversion tracking so Google can match the conversions better.

Analyzify offers two methods for setting up Enhanced Conversions for your store:

  • Through Google Tag Manager
  • Using Global Site Tag script.

Both approaches work well, and Google Tag Manager is our favorite.

In addition to the purchase conversion, Analyzify also includes the following events as micro-conversions:

  • Add to cart,
  • Begin Checkout,
  • View product detail

Apart from these, if you have a custom micro-conversion you want to track, you can contact our support team.