Accurate & Enhanced Shopify - Google Analytics Integration

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) - including e-commerce

Top-notch reporting empowered by the new version of Google Analytics, GA4. All the recommended e-commerce reports at your disposal.

GA4 up & running in 48 hours

Industry-leading GA4 & Shopify integration. Experts do your setup within 2 days (at no extra cost).

Accurate & reliable data

Integration through Google Tag Manager and improved data layers. Data audit & validation provided to ensure data accuracy.

Analyzify - Google Analytics Integration illustration

Empower Your Google Analytics with Analyzify

We help you utilize Google Analytics to the full extent by passing accurate data, validating it,
and guiding you through advanced settings & features of GA.

Parallel Tracking: GA4 & UA

Both versions included: Google Analytics 4 & Universal Analytics

GA4 - E-commerce reporting

We enrich your data inventory with all the recommended e-commerce reports of GA4.

UA - Advanced Setup

An alternative UA integration with GTM + advanced setup & settings.

User ID Setup

We push user-focused data points such as user recency, type, frequency, and more to GA.

Better Reporting

We provide account-level adjustments to supply better and more merchant-friendly reports.

Advanced Settings

Referral exclusion, cross-domain, user-ID setup, Google Ads & Search Console linking, IP filters, and many more.

Pixel errors, messy setup, wrong data, even more?

We Love Solving Problems

We are ready for your problems. Bring them on! We couldn’t list all of them here. Our app, knowledge base, and support team is ready for action!

Data inaccuracy
Missing GA4 reports
Messy GTM setup
GDPR compliance
Broken conversion tracking
Duplicate data
Ads pixel errors
Referral & direct traffic issues
Lack of Checkout funnels
Facebook pixel errors
Missing data layers
Cross-domain tracking
One-Time Fee - Including the App, Setup, Support

Analyzify is a great deal - it doesn’t have any ongoing costs. Our price includes the app, custom setup, and world-class support.

One-time fee per store Install Now
What's included?
  • Complete GTM Container
  • Advanced Data Layers
  • Data Validation & Setup Audit
  • Google Analytics 4 Setup
  • Google Ads Pixels & + Enhanced
  • FB Pixel, Bing, Pinterest and more
  • 30+ built-in tags
  • Video-guides, in-depth tutorials
  • 3-months support (*)
  • GDPR Compliant Data Analytics Setup

Analyzify is not just about quality software. We provide an all-in-all & turnkey data analytics setup for Shopify merchants, offering two different setup options:

  1. Done-For-You , 2. Do-It-Yourself.

You can choose your setup method during onboarding and change it later on according to your business needs. In addition to that, you get our team’s full support for the setup & validation phases at no extra cost.

With Done-For-You, you just need to provide all the necessary information for our expert team to audit your existing setup, and then we perform a setup crafted for your needs. We double-check all important settings and redundant codes & pixels on your Shopify store to complete your setup within 1-3 business days. We also run an extra validation process to check your data flow within the next couple of days. During all this, we keep in touch with you through a communication channel to inform you of all the updates and provide effective & fast solutions to your questions/special requests. By the end of this process, you get a clean, reliable, steady data analytics setup that counts!

With Do-It-Yourself, you get yourself a set of insightful onboarding guides so you can execute the setup easily by yourself. We provide detailed software tutorials to help you understand all the crucial points and guide you through the process. Plus, you can get our experts’ support to help you during or after the process in case you need it. You can also request expert validation after completing your setup so our team can make sure everything works correctly!

Analyzify is perfectly compatible with non-Shopify Plus stores. Purchase tracking and other user behavior metrics & reports are incredibly crucial for any store, and you will still have a majority of the events/reports with a regular plan.

The only limitation for regular Shopify stores is that they are NOT allowed to edit the checkout process. So, Google Tag Manager and all the other tracking codes will still work on every page, including the order processed page (aka. "thank you" page), but the checkout steps won’t be included.

Analyzify's Universal Analytics integration (through GTM) is more efficient than the native integration. However, Shopify has some limitations (lack of the "checkout.liquid" file) for non-Shopify Plus clients about the checkout process tracking.

So, even though Analyzify's UA integration is better, it won't work on the checkout pages for non-Shopify Plus clients. Because of this, we strongly recommend using GA4 through Analyzify's GTM and native UA integration for non-Shopify Plus clients. In short, you shouldn't remove it and keep the native integration.

Shopify Plus clients should choose our UA integration through GTM because it works better than the native one. In that case, you can remove the native integration and activate our UA tags on Google Tag Manager.

Yes! Analyzify is totally a beginner friendly app, and you don't need to have any prior technical knowledge. We offer technical guidance, FAQs, and video tutorials on each step, and our support team is always just one message away!